Peace Oriental teahouse, Ekamai, Bangkok, Thailand


Peace Oriental teahouse is definitely a must place for Bangkokian tea enthusiasts. Peace Oriental teahouse offers ultra-wide array of tea from Japanese green tea to Chinese aged tea. The place is decorated in Zen style – peaceful & comfy. The first branch is located in soi Ekamai, roughly 10 mins walk from BTS Ekamai station in the hot day. Second branch is just open in soi Sukhumvit 49. The new location is hard to access via public transport but more convenient for those who drive since there is a parking lot opposite the place.  Mentioning about staffs, they are all knowledgeable and friendly. To brew the tea, teamasters will carefully select the right water from 4 different kinds of waters to match with the tea characteristics and to maximize both flavour and aroma.

The day before I went to the Ekamai branch, I hopped into the 49 branch. I had a chance to meet with the owner, khun Tee. He was really passionate about tea. I asked him to walk me through the world of matcha; I’m really noobie in this area.  So it began from how to hold the tea bowl correctly to introduction to different kind of matcha. First cup was a cold Matcha Pastel (match latte), idealist matcha grade. The purpose of this cup is to enlighten me how different between good matcha and the bad ones. Second cup was Usucha, perfectionist matcha grade, which was truly stunning. I was so eye-opening. I never ever thought that tea can be this complex. Both aroma and taste were really complex and delightful. The finishing was super long like sipping a glass of Chateau d’Yquem. Before leaving, I let khun Tee to jot down the list for me to have with my former lecturer tomorrow.
Chasen & Matcha bowl

To start off, I went for the lowest Gyokuro option according to khun Tee’s list; he wanted me to try from the bottom up to the top not the another round. Gyokuro consists of 3 sub-courses including cold-brewed, hot-brewed and tea leaves with ponzu. I was amazed by this Gyokuro. Water temperature dramatically affects tea characteristics: aroma, flavour and colour. Brew with cold water gives the tea brighter notes and more fragrance while hot water gives bolder body and deep flavour but less in aroma. Eating tea leaves with ponzu sauce is kind of weird for me though but it tasted actually better than I thought.


Hot-brewed(85c) & tea leaves

Tea leaves

Next was my former lecturer Koicha, perfectionist matcha. Basically, it is a super thick and dense Matcha: 4 times denser than Usucha. Fragrance of Koicha was outrageous – complex and delicate. On the palate, very thick, rich, smooth, sweet and creamy with a mild bitterness in background. After finishing, Ushucha was served by using leftover Koicha as the base. The body was noticeably lighter than Koicha and easier to drink.
Koicha in making


Usucha in making

I ended by tea time with Koicha cream while my teacher went for Houjicha ice-cream. I didn’t try the Koujicha ice-cream but he said that it was superb. For Koicha cream, technically, it was milk ice-cream sits on a bed of Koicha served with sweetened black sticky rice. Needless to say, it was brilliant. Milk ice-cream was of good quality to match with top-notch Koicha. Black sticky rice complimented the ice-cream nicely.
Koicha cream

To conclude, this place is surely worth a visit for those who craving for good quality tea in Bangkok but premium price tag is something you have to accept. I won’t say this place is cheap though but you get what you pay for. Of course, it is much cheaper for you to buy matcha and gears to brew it at home but high brewing skills are needed to achieve the same result like you have in the teahouse. By the way, teas and gears are available for purchase.


Peace Oriental teahouse
Address: 70/5 Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai), Phra Khanong Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Phone: 097 267 2626
Sukhumvit 49 branch
Mon-Fri : 7.00 – 21.00
Sat-Sun : 10.00 – 21.00
Ekamai branch
Everyday : 12.00 – 21.00

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