Ginza Sushi Ichi Bangkok, Erawan building, Chitlom, Bangkok

Needless to say, Ginza Sushi Ichi Bangkok is doubtlessly ranked as one of the best Sushiyas in Thailand. It is located at lower ground floor of Erawan building. Everything from sushi chef to ingredients is imported directly from Japan. The décor is kept in Zen style which I really like – comfy and calm.  Service is up to standard of this kind of restaurant. I would suggest for those who do not have deep pocket to go for lunch deal since the price is friendlier and less crowded.

The promising taste does come at insanely high price. For today, I go for 4000 THB++ omakase option which includes sashimis, appetizers, series of nigiri and dessert. Be noted that I forgot to take a picture of grilled pipe fish as such I will not mention about it in this review. They have 2 types of rice to match with fish flavour: cooked with red vinegar and white vinegar. Rice cooked with red vinegar will have bolder and deeper flavour than white vinegar. Ankimo was placed down to begin the meal. It was so creamy and smooth. One of the best I’ve ever had in Thailand; really hard to not fall in love with it.
Chef is preparing ankimo


Next was 2 kinds of sashimi. Both of them were nice and fresh but not spectacular. Lightly grilled buri shabu was served accordingly. This one is my least favourite among the course. The sauce was too sour; overwhelmed the fish flavour.


Buri shabu

Before commencing mains, hand-roll of radish and plum sauce was served as palate cleanser. Madai and shiro ebi were very outstanding, especially shiro ebi that was luscious sweet which is really enjoyable. Sumi ika never lets me down; not chewy at all. One of the highlights, chu-toro with brown shari, was placed down. It was top-notch. The texture was so right; melt-in-mouth yet meaty. After fishing a heavenly chu-toro, chef brought me a miso and white sesame soup with granted potato. It was deep in flavour and sticky because of granted potato. Only one downside is the portion is too small;(
Hand-roll of plum sauce and radish


Shiro ebi

Sumi ika


Miso soup

Next nigiri is used to judge whether the chef is skilful or not. It is kohada nigiri. Kohada normally presents a strong fishy smell but not in this case. It was well marinated indeed. Next one I’m pretty sure that it is irresistible for everyone. It was ikura and uni mini don. Needs no explanation, it was a perfect couples. Ikura was not overly marinated which gave appropriate amount of saltiness whereas uni was not at its peak but still sweet and pleasant. Hotate was chunky, sweet and soft.


Preparation of mini don

Ikura & uni mini don


Anago was lightly grilled over bichotan and topped with Nitsume sauce. Texture was soft and light while Nitsume sauce was sweet. Heavenly delicious!! Last but not least, hand-roll of akami was handed to me. It was nice but I still prefer the traditional negi-toro for the hand-roll though. To end the meal, Castella tamagoyaki was served as usual. I never get tired of this smooth, sweet and delicate tamagoyaki. For dessert, you can choose between black sesame ice-cream and Japanese green tea pudding. I chose black sesame ice-cream. I would say this Ichi’s sesame ice-cream is far better than many ice-cream joints in Bangkok. Both texture and flavour was absolutely magnificent.


Akami hand-roll


Black sesame ice-cream

Erawan building
494 Ploenchit Rd

tel: +662-250-0014
IG: @sushiichibkk

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