Umi, Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Recently, the popularity of edomae sushi trend in Bangkok becomes more and more popular. As such, there are heaps of sushi bars popped up in Bangkok and Umi is one of them. Umi is located at Piman 49, Sukumvit 49. The décor is kept in classic Japanese style. There are 2 choices for lunch time: 8 pieces of 1800++THB, and 12 pieces of 2500++THB. At umi, they use red vinegar for seasoning shari, so shari will taste stronger and more sour than using white vinegar which you may or may not like it. Sushi rice was not soaky at all which was nice. Like sushi Kanda and Ginza sushi Ichi, all ingredients are imported directly from Japan.
Table setting

Fresh Wasabi

For today, I went for 12 courses. Simmered greens was served as an appetizer – nothing special. The first piece of the meal is sumi ika with a touch of sea salt and lime. It was surprisingly tender and soft. Shima aji was chewy and smooth.
Simmered greens

Preparation of Sumi ika

Sumi ika

Shima aji

Next piece is akami zuke. I have to say this nigiri is marvellous. It was marinated for a week before being served. I love the way they put some grated yuzu on it. It was so sweet, sour, and pleasant.On the other hand, cyu-toro was below the standard. It was way too mushy and presented a hint of fishy smell too. Shirauo with grated ginger and spring onion was not my type of sushi though. Amae ebi was placed down accordingly. It was delicately sweet, creamy and tender. Love it!!
Zuke akami


Shirauo with grated ginger and spring onion

Amae ebi

Hadate uni was sweet, creamy and thick but I still prefer Marukyou Bafun uni which is sweeter and creamier than Hadate. Ikura mini don with lemon zest was slightly too salty. Anago was well grilled. Anago itself was solf and melt-in-mouth. Nitsume sauce went along with eel fabulously. Almost end of the omakase, duo maki were served: kampyo and negi toro. Both maki were great. For kampyo, it was sweet and salty. Negi toro was creamy, fatty and flavourful. To end the meal, tamagoyaki and ice-cream was served. I found that tamagoyaki was too spongy buy it was not over sweet which was nice. For ice-cream, I chose to have charcoal and apple&rose petal flavours, so it came as 2 small scoops. Charcoal was thick and rich in flavor but it seemed like black sesame to me. I prefer apple and rose petal flavor; it was fresh and light.
Box of gold!!!

Hadate Uni

Ikura mini don



Soup and Tamagoyaki

charcoal and apple&rose petal flavours


Sukhumvit 49 Wattana
Bangkok Thailand

Tel: +66 2 662 6661


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