Harvey, Thonglor, Bangkok


Harvey, the California inspired restaurant, is located in the prime area of Bangkok which is the destination of the most Bangkokian foodie, Thonglor. For me, Harvey does not seem to be Californian cuisine; it seems to be French cuisine instead. The staffs were polite but they were not helpful and knowledgeable at all. They did not explain the dish that was placed on the table and also they gave me very poor recommendation. The wine list was very disappointing. There are extremely limited choices of wine by a glass. The price is rather expensive too. For instance, I chose a glass of house sparkling wine which cost me 250++THB It was not well-balanced and lack of complexity. Today, I went for a lunch set which includes 3 dishes from each category which cost 490++THB.
Table setting

Firstly, amuse bouche of foie gras terrine with caramelized fig was placed on the table. The terrine was smooth and flavorful. The fig combined fabulously with foie gras.

To begin the meal, I was served with seared US sea scallops. The scallops were well cooked. Chili garlic lobster sauce was not chili at all. It tasted like garlic tomato sauce rather than chili garlic lobster. Asparagus did not seem to improve the scallop texture. Overall, this dish was still delicious anyway.

Zoomed up

The next dish was Italian sausage angel hair pasta. I love this dish. The sausage was very flavorful and tasty. Shiitake mushrooms improved pasta’s texture. Garlic gave this dish another dimension of aroma. Angel hair pasta was cooked just about right and tasty.

Ahi tuna was served accordingly. Honestly, from my perspective, this dish is below the standard of the fine dining restaurant. The tuna itself was not fresh. It was overcooked too. The carrot puree did not match well with seared sesame crust tuna. The worst dish of the year for me, perhaps.

To end the course, I ordered one of the harvey’s signatures, Harvey’s cheesecake. This plate is needed an additional payment of 350++THB. I must admit that this cheesecake is yumilicious but the price is not valuable; Way too expensive, to be precise. The texture was so smooth and dense but not over creamy. The strawberry ans straw berry sauce balanced out the creaminess of cheesecake nicely.



Thonglor soi 9
Phone: 02 715 9911

Opening hours: Lunch Mon-Fri, 11.30am-1.45pm
Dinner everyday, 6.00-10.30pm

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