Medici Kitchen and Bar, Hotel Muse, Bangkok


For two years, I have not been to this romantic Italian restaurant at Hotel Muse, Medici. The décor is kept in industrial revolution era. This place really suits for couples to have a romantic dinner indeed. For today, I was invited by the owner of to join him and his friends at lunch time. We decided to go for a lunch set of 460 THB of 3 dishes which consists of starter, main dish and dessert. Staffs were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Chef Francesco Lenzi was skillful and polite.

The open kitchen

Table setting

Chef Lenzi

Prior to the course, I was served with a basket of baguette. It was warm, soft and tasty but it was rather ordinary from my perspective though. No one can beat the Conkey’s baguette anyway.

To begin, caprese with buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato and pesto sauce was served as starter. This dish was so fresh yet creamy. The pesto sauce was sweet and dense which balanced the sourness of tomato nicely. I love this dish.


Next plate was foie gras ravioli with truffle and strawberry sauce. The ravioli was well cooked. The foie gras stuffing was flavorful. The strawberry sauce emerged with creamy ravioli perfectly. Despite the satisfaction, the truffle sauce seems to overwhelm the dish somehow. The truffle scent was too strong for my linking. This one is not included in the lunch set.

Zoom up!!

The fish dish, of grilled sea bass with fresh salad in caper sauce, was served next. To be honest, I am not fond of fish except sushi. From my point of view, this plate is lack of complexity in aroma and it was too plain for the leading Italian restaurant. This might be my least favorite among the course apparently.

To end the course, I was served with chocolate fondue, tiramisu and panna cotta with passion fruit. In the lunch set, you can only choose one dessert from the menu and also the chocolate fondue was not on the lunch menu. First, chocolate fondue was nice. It was not over sweet like other restaurant. The dough was baked to the perfection. The dough was thin and not over-baked. Tiramisu was supremely smooth and savory. If it had a stronger scent of coffee, it would be a very fine dish. The panna cotta was smooth and dense but it was rather ordinary. It did not give me a wow impression though.

Plate decoration for party



Ordinary presentation

Panna cotta with passion fruit

Chocolate fondue


Hotel Muse – Lower ground floor
55/555 Langsuan road, bangkok, 10330

Tel: 02 632 4000

Open hours: lunch : 12.00-2.50pm

Dinner: 6.00-11.00pm

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