1881 by Water Library, The Groove, Central World, Bangkok


If you want to have a nice glass of cocktail with tasty tapas, 1881 by Water Library can offer you this. 1881 is located at the Groove, Central World. There are many restaurants such as “Wine I Love You, “Fauchon,”(not recommended one) and “HOB.” The decor is kept in an industrialised age. Most of the cocktails are made by Mr. Mirko, the head mixologist of the Water Library Bar. The kitchen team is led by the Swiss chef, Chef Urs. Chef Urs is very friendly, polite and skillful. He usually comes out of the kitchen to greet clients. As for the bar, if you spot Mr. Mirko, you can let him select the cocktails for you. He will never disappoint you!
The Bar

Chef Urs

To start, I ordered Siam chicken praline. It consisted of minced chicken balls with spicy dipping. The chicken balls were juicy and crispy. The sauce was not overly spicy, which was great.
Table setting


zoomed up!!

To accompany the meal, I chose the elderflower cocktail. It was so refreshing and pleasant. I fell in love with this glass.

Fresh garlic bread!

The main dish for today was the 1881 beef burger. The beef patty was juicy and flavourful. All I can say is, this is a decent burger!! Just find a glass of good red wine to drink with it!! The skin of the french fries were crispy, while its softness remained within.

To end the meal, I asked chef Urs for 2 dessert dishes; he did not disappoint me. The first one is white chocolate panna cotta with cherry granité but it turned out to be a white panna cotta with coffee cookie and mandarin jelly instead of cherry granité. Chef Urs served this himself and said that you had cherry granité before, so I changed it to this one. The panna cotta was of buttery smoothness. The mandarin jelly balanced out creaminess of panna cotta and coffee cookie nicely; if only the jelly would be more sour, the dessert would become more outstanding.
white panna cotta with coffee cookie and mandarin jelly

The other dessert was strawberry yo-bar with pepper crumble and lemon cake as a bonus. The strawberry yo-bar was light and enjoyable. I think there is a missing puzzle in this dish. May be some fresh berries, perhaps. For the lemon cake, it was freshly made. It was full of lemon scent. The cake was rich and savoury.

Freshly made Lemon cake


The Groove project, Central World
1st Floor

Opening hour: Mon-Sun 11:00 am – 1:00 am

Phone: +66(0)2-613-1778 or +66(0)2-613-1774

FB: https://www.facebook.com/1881groove

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