Autumn 2013, Water Library

Tataki of Scottish salmon with cauliflower, apple and caviar was splendid. Apple puree combined perfectly with salmon. Caviar (ikura) was well marinated; slightly salty and fresh.


look a little closer

Home-made tofu with foie gras – shiitake emulsion, bonito and leek, one of the Water Library’s signature dishes, was a very outstanding plate. Smooth yet crispy tofu matched fabulously with creamy foie gras sauce. Leek, bonito and shiitake emulsion gave other dimension of texture and flavor. One of my favourite dishes here><

Wagyu Beef cheek, parsley, Jerusalem artichokes and purple curry was superb. Wagyu beef cheek was of super tender. Parsley puree and purple curry gave this dish another dimension of flavor. What a wonderful dish it was. An additional fee was required.


Chicken fricassee with crispy potato balls, champignons, sun dried tomato and green pea was amazed me. Chicken fillets were tender and firm. White sauce was flavorful. Potato balls and champignons gave another dimension of texture. Sourness of sun dried tomato balanced creaminess white sauce.



Chocolate, muesli & cookie crumble, quark ice cream and vanilla was of doubtlessly magnificent. Vanilla jelly was pleasant which matched with chocolate espuma and quark ice cream very well.




Other picture


Selection of cheese which I like a lot<3

Selection of fine tea. (peppermint tea)

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