Water Library, Chamchuri square

Right after the long exam period, I didn’t hesitate to go to Water Library, one of the leading French restaurants in Bangkok, to have a decent lunch; this isn’t my first time here though. Water Library’s menu will be changed every season, depending on the seasonal ingredients; however, their signature dishes, such as crispy tofu, wagyu beef cheek and warm apple tarte tatin, are in the menu for all seasons. Almost forgotten, the first thing that staffs will ask you, after you have taken a seat, is which type of mineral water you would like to have. For today, I chose to have the Italian brand, “Sparea,” — rather light body from my perspective; it couples well with a heavy meal; fine and clean finishing indeed.

a bottle of Sparea

Before starting the course, of course, I was served with 2 styles of bread. The first bread was a croissant, imported exceptionally from France. Another one was a home-made manitoba with truffle butter. Both types were of very fine taste.

The French croissant was of fluffy texture and good taste. It presented very nice layers of pastry. It is no doubt that this croissant is one of the best in town.


look a little closer><

On the other hand, monitoba was also of pleasant taste and smell. It has a tough external texture, but soft on the inside. It combined well with the truffle butter.


My choice of starter was a pan seared perigord foie gras with sauerkraut and mustard vinaigrette on top with pork rind which was well-cooked and delicious. Sauerkraut and mustard vinaigrette went perfectly with foie gras. Pork rinds gave this plate another dimension of texture. What an interesting combination it was — an additional fee of 250THB was required for this combination.


As a sequel to the course was the tenderloin of Yarra Valley lamb with beans and fig. The lamb was tender and savory. Bean and pear paste, I suppose, merged with the sweetness of the fig, balanced strong and was flavorful when eaten with the lamb tenderloin. I allowed the staff to select a glass of wine, accordingly to this dish. He chose Pinot Noir “Hillside Reserve”, Terravin 2005, Marlborough which matched perfectly with the dish. The wine was of a strong and complex scent of cherry. Although I am not an expert in winery, I could say that this glass was a great one.

the tenderloin of Yarra Valley lamb with beans and fig

Pinot Noir “Hillside Reserve”, Terravin 2005

Before having a dessert, without doubt, I asked for cheese, of which I am very fond of, especially soft cheese. I picked two types of soft cheeses and one of hard cheese. Condiments will carefully be chosen by the staff to match with your cheese selections. Also, the Manitoba with French butter will come along with the cheese set. My favorite condiments were dried grape and aromatic truffle honey. Dried grape was not too sweet and the honey tasted very pleasant. They went nicely with soft cheese. Totally loved it. Additional payment was required for this too. (This dish was taken by iPad)

Selection of French cheeses by Maitre Affineur Phillipe Olivier

Selection of condiments

My choice for today<3

Last but not least, I ordered elderflower soup with iced cherry, mango and red shiso for a dessert. Very nice presentation I have to say, beautiful and colorful. The sweetness of elderflower soup balanced the sourness of stuffing and yogurt ice cream. I felt very refreshing after having the heavy meal. This dish was doubtlessly magnificent, of pleasant scent and taste.


_MG_5020-EditClose up shot!!

To end the course, you can select between a cup of fine coffee or tea. I went for a cup of iced coffee latte, combined by nice layers of espresso and milk. I can smell a scent of very fine coffee. The taste was great — better than many places in Bangkok. (Taken by iPad)

a cup of iced coffee latte

Water Library now becomes one of my favorite restaurants in town. Do not feel surprised if you see me around taking a bite to eat at Water Library. Water Library’s staffs are so friendly, helpful and attentive. The same goes for Chef Mirco, the head chef of Water Library, Chamchuri branch, is very polite and friendly. He even remembers me, what I had, and where I sat last time. If you are in Bangkok and want to have a fine dining, do not miss this place.

Water Library Chamchuri

Chamchuri Square 2nd floor

Samyan – Bangkok

Tel.: 02+66 (0)2 1605188

website: http://www.mywaterlibrary.com/

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