Escapade Burger&shake, Phra Athit rd., Bangkok


Chef Van

speaking of this name, Escapade Burger&shake, all burger lovers will definitely know this place very well. Here, at Escapade burger&shake, serves quality burgers with a unique taste that is hardly to find in Thailand. Leading by chef Van, he is ready to surprise you with his burgers. Furthermore, Escapade isn’t just famous for their tasty burgers but also their cocktails & smoothies. Karn, the mixologist of Escapade who won many cocktail challenges and receive many certificates, will guaranteed that you will enjoy your drinks the entire night! If you don’t drink cocktails, you can order your drink at any tastes whether to be sour, sweet, strong or light. He won’t disappointed you.

The first uniqueness of Escapade is its ketchup. It has black colour. The taste was not too sweet like we use to have in Thailand and it has a little bit of bitter flavor which I like a lot. The second thing that I like is choices of burger’s breads. You can choice whether white or black bread. The black bread is bitter than white bread.

By the way, there is a thing to consider that you should never ask for ordinary ketchup because they do not have one and this is to be polite and show respect to their food.

Wagyu burger with black bread

with white bread

For Wagyu burger, I ordered both of them;Black and white bread. Its taste was a little bit disappointing. It was juicy and tasty but I didn’t feel like I’m eating Wagyu and that is a 450 THB per piece which was not so reasonable. Though the white bread goes well with it better than black bread.

Pork Burger with seared pineapple and beacons


Same as Wagyu , I also ordered black and white for pork burger. Both of them were fabulous indeed; So juicy, tasty and yummy. The sweetness of pineapple combined perfectly with pork and bacon. For the side dish I asked for hash brown. It was home-made though. Hash brown was crispy but remains its softness inside. They also add onion in the hash brown which gives sweetness background taste.

This one is the combination between beef and truffle. It is beef burger with truffle sauce. I can only just keep eating this burger for a week. This burger was absolutely magnificent. The aromatic truffle sauce couples fabulously with beef. I prefer to order white bread for this plate. The black bread was too strong to eat with truffle sauce. But one thing that let this dish down is the truffle. They put truffle sauce slightly too much on the burger. It almost cover the beef that should be the main ingredient. I enjoyed it too much such that I forgot to take its picture though. It looks the same as Wagyu one.


My favourite one><


For drinks, I asked for refreshing and easy drink cocktails. Karn didn’t disappoint me at all. Both glasses were doubtlessly fantastic; Very pleasant smell of citrus and easy to drink. The yellow one is my favourite. Sweet but sour strong but light. Very nice on the palate indeed. Cheer!!! I recommend you to go a bit early. Something like 4.30 or 5pm because after that the shop will be very crowded. If you can, please don’t drive your car there. There is no parking lot around there, you need to park your car on the street side.

Other pics

Raspberry iced tea

Strawberry smoothie on top with meringue

112 Pra-Artit Rd. Chanasongkram, Pranakorn, Bkk 10200, Bangkok, Thailand 10200

Phone: 0873632629

For special menu, like their page on Facebook :

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